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Animal Right (A Hare Demands A Re-Match)

I am a rapid -running hare.
In animal world I am a record-holder.
Now I am boiling with anger,
my eyes getting redder and redder,
my long ears hung down in despair,
after reading the bull-shit fable,
which is full of lies and slander,
about a running match between a tortoise and a hare, my ancestor.
The match never happened.
It was made-up and written by the human.
It said the hare lost the race,
in a big disgrace,
cos he overslept and ran in a daze,
letting the tortoise win, causing everybody amazed,
thus resulting in hare generation's loss of face, (shame in Chinese)
which I must save.

Let alone the slow-motioned tortoise, I can outrun,
even the king of beasts...the lion.
If you bet on my side, you will surely win by millions.

' Slow and steady wins the race.' is what I don't believe,
it just decieves,
the gullible naive.
' Hey, Mr Tortoise, wake up and smell the coffee.'
How the world is moving rapidly, you will see.
By your slowness, you will be left out
from this fierce throat-cutting competition.....no doubt.

I know I was born to be meek,
but for revenge I must seek.
Now I demand a rematch,
no more, no less,
to show the world that the hare is the best,
to re-write the story I hate to hear,
as in it, my family name is smeared,
which I, as a good son, must make it clean and clear.

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Enjoyed this one with a passion. Well thought out, and well penned.10 from me. Ian