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Animal Rights(A Bird-Seller)

Little birds in a cage
fluttering and trying to escape.
The bird-seller hawked about Pagoda-goers
to buy and free them forever.
By releasing birds, a good karma is done
for next life, as wheel of life is spunned.
A man with a bad luck
his life so sulked.
He bought to release all the birds,
some were too weak to fly and dropped to death.
some flied so high into the sky
but to find their nest, a right direction, they could'nt identify.
They got lost and died in bad weather
reducing the population of birds in a great number.
thus knocking the eco-system out of balance
for which the birds were innocent.
To break the cycle of catch-release-catch-release
buying of birds must be ceased.
The catcher must change his way of life
.It is not worth just for a plate of rice.
Or when the karma wheel turns to arrive
he would surely become bird in next life.

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