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Animal Rights (A Restaurant Sold Fried Fish Cruelly)

In Taiwan, there was a restaurant,
sale promotion gimmick of which was very abhorrent.
It was a smoky fried fish,
a spicy and good -smelled dish.
There was a glass fish pond,
swimming in it were fish...big, fat and long.
Beside it was a fish net,
by which the chef would catch.
Then he quickly removed the scale with a knife,
and on the body he cut and sprinkled with salt and spice,
while the fish was still alive.
Then with wet towel he grabbed the fish head,
while the gill huffing and puffing to catch the breath.
Into the sizzling hot oil, the body was slowly dipped,
which in painful agony, flapped and flipped.
The fish struggled in a desperate attempt,
causing the hot oil to splash,
onto the chef's hand,
making him cry in pain as if the world was going to end.
Before the fried fish was going to be served,
he put into the mouth of it the lighted cigarette,
an act so sickening,
horrifying and disgusting.
Then the Animal Rights Group lodged a strong protest.
The chef was afraid his business got into the red.
removed that dish from the list of menu.
He was almost legally sued,
making his mood get into the blue.

The chef sells the fish in a way so cruel and selfish,
to the animals he shows pity, not a little bit.

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MALINEE Malinee's father took her to China. There was a reception in their honour. A monkey was brought in and put on the table. It was alive. Its body filled its cage; the head stuck out of the top. Everyone watched. The monkey's head was carefully shaved. The top of its skull was chopped off. Wine was poured into the exposed brain. It was still alive. The guests used their chopsticks to select pieces of brain. They put them in their mouths sucking out the taste of the wine. Eventually, the monkey died. Malinee was horrified. Then Malinees's father took her to Singapore. There was a reception in their honour. A large bowl was brought in with giant prawns. They were alive. The chef poured alcohol onto the prawns. They jumped up and down drunkenly. Then he lit a match and the bowl filled with flame. The prawns died and were cooked in the same instant. Malinee was horrified. Malinee's servant brings fish (and prawns) from the market. Malinee eats these. Thet are already dead. That makes all the difference. To whom? Brian Taylor
That was really good :) but i didnt like the ending much sorry it lost my interest.