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Animal Rights (Anti-Fur Protest)

There was an anti-fur protest.
The participants stripped naked.
carrying the 'Animal rights 'placards,
shouting 'No Fur ' very loud and hard.
parading along the city boulevard.
Some with big ass.
Some with big bust.
They pleaded for pitiful animals,
by saying human has nylon, tetron, cotton and flannel.
They tried to protect the animal rights,
by saying that avoiding fur could end their plight.
The animals were skinned alive,
for their fur and hide,
to produce the expensive fur-garments
for those social elite to wear with elegance,
and status symbol and beauty,
while the animal are at poacher's mercy,
begging for pity,
with eyes teary.

Stone Age people wore fur.
If Civilised Modern people still wear fur,
though they have polyester,
they do not differ,
from the ancester,
a cave dweller.

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Much truth in those words