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Animal Rights (The Funniest And Deadliest Snake)

My body is long and thin,
like a slender string.
i have no big ears like that of elephant,
but I can sense the sound from the distance.
My teeth are not for chewing and bite,
but for the strike,
to inject the toxin,
like a syringe,
into the body of victim.
I swallow the food whole.
To the dentist for denture I need not go,
when I grow very old.
I have no foot,
so I don't need to buy boot.
Though I don't have feet,
I can outrun the centipede,
in an athletic meet
I can't gallop like a horse,
but by wriggling movement I crawl forward.
My belly is so flat,
like that of woman of belly-dance.
I can climb the tree like a monkey,
though I don't have hand or leg so lanky.
I have scale on my skin,
but I have no fin,
and yet I know how to swim.
When the enemy hears my hissing,
it will be scared stiff and shivering.
When the enemy hears my tail rattle,
it will frighten and tremble.
My cousin, a Burmese python can constrict,
the prey so forceful that it can expel from anus the shit.
I am the funniest and deadliest snake,
the creature God has ever made.

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