Geese, Tree, Apple, Leaves

Every angel is terrifying.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Suppose you're blind, and so you can't see
the broken necklace of geese sailing the sky,

then tilt up your face and listen as their honking riles
the air. And if somehow you're going deaf as well,

the cries of geese receding on the wind,
then lay your hand on bark to feel the wind

that sways the apple tree. Or if you can't feel
the tree, then pick and eat one perfect apple

or failing that, as air gets out its knives
smell the fall, swift falling in the leaves.

But oh, if all is growing dark, the darkness
swallowing up the tree, its apples, leaves, and geese,

and if you think a hawk is circling in the final
autumn air, then let the splendid angel

come, my friend, to read your rights to you,
quicksilver angel, angel of snow, the lover who

has waited all your life at your elbow.

by Jeanne Murray Walker

Comments (17)

Short and to the point. Loved the last two lines- a puppy begging for love.
Amazing! just in few short words so much is said.
OMG I love this poem, So simple yet puts out such a powerful message. Many of us are like the puppy, begging for love.
Cats, like daughters, are always loving and caring and doing favors but the puppy, like the boys, are always demanding. Nice poem.
Too short for me to be able to judge your work, and not my taste
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