Why do I even try?
It’s not like I’ll ever be good enough through his eyes.
I wanted to die, because he made me cry.
He made my soul black inside.

Runaway, find a place
Somewhere warm, somewhere safe
The place where I can show my face
With more to life than just fate
Crying out in love and pain
Just so you can lose your faith

I don’t care anymore about what you said
It doesn’t matter because of the things you did
I slammed the door, now lying on the floor
Does he really love me, you can never be sure?

Killing me slowly
No it’s getting quicker day-by-day
I can’t take this any
I just wanted to say
You don’t know me
You don’t even care
Say you love me so what
It’s just not fair
Why should I listen?
What can I do?
Don’t believe that I’m dissin’
Why, am I treated like this by you?

No matter what, you are always the same
Have you no mercy have you no shame?

Silver smile and that same brown hair
Same sweet face makes me want to stare
Which is now bruised
Do I really deserve the abuse?

Once upon a time, in a faraway place
Lived a little girl known as the runaway.

by Ashley Nicole Johnson

Comments (2)

I liked the last line which is quite realistic.
What a poem.nice use of words