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Animals Demonstrate Against Human Elections

Elk down from the forest are blocking city streets.
‘Gators in the swamp don't have election defeats.

Buffalo on the plains are sticking together.
Eagles, hawks and ospreys are birds of a feather.

Dogs in the ghetto are barking in synchrony.
House cats out in the country don't have bigotry.

Chimpanzees out in the jungle don't get to choose.
Wildebeest in Africa don't whine when they lose.

Birds in the tree are tweeting in the morning dew.
Rats in the sewer say "We are better than you."

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Good job Mr Spock. I think maybe the elk were not demonstrating - they probably thought it was Black Friday. You might enjoy Sara Teasdale's poem There will Come Soft Rain
The elk were in Estes Park Colorado, a few miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a common occurrence there. They don't seem to know (or care) where the park boundaries are.
Elk shopping at a Safeway store somewhere in Colorado?