TLG (13 December 1940 (Friday) / Long Beach, California USA)


by Ted L Glines

Some humans call me an ankle-biter
but I'm a BIG dog - a ninja fighter,
messin with me is too much for YOUR plate,
ya better back off before it's too late.

Talkin trash and strutting my stuff,
this is my turf and I'm callin your bluff!

My human is one of those silly girls,
dressin me up in ribbons and curls,
but let some guy just get down wrong,
he'll back up quick - sing a new song.

Roars like a lion - strikes like a snake,
teeth like needles and they don't fake!

Bonaparte never had a thing on me,
one false move and you'd better flee,
I ain't your toy - no piece of fluff,
let me know when you've had enough,
'cause I'm a mean one - believe you me!

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Your barking up the right tree with this one Ted....