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Ann M

She says life in the outback it would not suit me
As I never could live far away from the sea
I never could live in a quiet Inland town
Surrounded by paddocks rough looking and brown.

I do love the coast lands that's what Ann M say
And she walks on the beach for an hour every day
The sound of the waves and the clean coastal air
And the feel of the sea breeze blowing through her brown hair.

Ann M says I could live in another Country
But I could not live far away from the sea
The beach is only a ten minutes walk from my door
And at night I can hear the tide as it rushes up the shore.

A woman in her mid forties though her age hard to tell
For she looks much younger she is ageing well
She doesn't smoke or drink not even one small glass of wine
And life by the ocean seems to suit her fine.

She has travelled through the outback by train and by car
But from the sea shore she could never live far
And in Kilcunda she lives and in Kilcunda she'll stay
And by the salt water she'll grow old and gray.

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