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He doesn't have big muscles or good looks, a bald patch on his head
And Anna told her closest friend he's not much use in bed
His salary and social rank the reason she chose Ted
She married him for his degrees his job and his Dip Ed.

She could have married Joseph her first love but his family are poor
And he works in a factory and his job not so secure
She loved him more than she love Ted he had good looks as well
But his lack of degrees and social rank against the man did tell.

Anna the only daughter of Dr and Mrs Jones married one near her own rank
With high degrees and a good job and money in the bank
By love's feelings she could not be swayed she could have married Joe
When he asked her to become his wife her reply to him was 'no'.

Some by love's feelings don't be swayed their heart won't rule their head
They stay within their social group and in their own group wed
To marry one of lower rank a step towards poverty
You call that class distinction or you call that snobbery? .

Some like to think that social rank is nowadays out of fashion
But Anna one of the many who did not wed for love or passion
She told her closest female friend 'he's not much use in bed'
And that for his money and his job she only married Ted.

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