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Anna's Gopher

anna i truly
would not presume
to be altruistic
but a wish is a desire

light me a candle
make it glow
for you make me know
how sublime is a fable

once there was this gopher
living in a tunnel
an there were all these neighbours
living in THEIR tunnels

in the dark of the underground
they all lived in peace
scratching out a living
in their peaceful bliss

then one day our gopher
he decided to explore
the whys and wheres of going
in the ups and downs of underground

truly, he told himself
there has to be something doing
than my scratching out my living
in my own underground

and his desire for knowledge
led him overground
but blinded by the light
he fled underground

(That should have been the ending)
but anna i think you want more
later he crept up
and learnt of night and day
and slowly he kept learning
and learnt of night and day

and one day he said
i shall knock on doors
to reveal all my knowledge
to tell of light and dark

For for sure he said
there's definitely more color
than than the color black
and that they need to know

so they called him a vopher
cause they claimed he had visions
he said, they said, there were colors
other than shades of black

they left him to his dreaming
of a seagull named jonathan
and said it was rich to his back

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