Emotional Explosions...

Anger, a spark, within all of us.
There, anger is lurking, waiting to
ignite the dynamite, that will
cause an explosion of words,
and actions, that can not be taken back.

Anger, is the roadblock, to anything
and everything, worthwhile in life.

Anger, seemingly an involuntary reaction,
to rejection of thought or action.

Anger, an interpretation, of unacceptable behavior.

Anger, almost always followed by regret.

Anger, an emotion. who's children are,
anxiety, fear, frustration, animosity, passion,
outrage and a thousands of other, emotionally
affecting articulations.

Anger, the replacement of reason.

What is the enemy of anger? The
enemy of anger, is, patience, understanding
and love.

Anger, the emotion, the world would be
far better off, without.

© Joe Fazio

by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

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Comments (482)

What a heartbreaking story with such a beautiful artistic form It leaves a mark on my heart
Beautifully put together poem of a great love lost.
PLEASE mute those speakers whose renditions are so lacking in presentation
...when I read And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee. I think about when I need a smile. R.
Love ❤️ it’s one of my favorites
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