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Anne Boleyn

She gave birth to a daughter that her greatest sin
And for that she lost her head Queen Anne Boleyn
King Henry's only wish was for a boy
His reason to condemn his Queen to die.

A severed head and an immortal name
Still seems too big a price to pay for fame
I'd rather live a pauper any day
Than be like her and die in such a way.

Man's inhumanity to man i've oft heard that said
But Anne Boleyn a woman lost her head
Because she could not give the king a son
Some men to women cruelest things have done.

I'd rather live a pauper any day instead
Of knowing great fame and dying with severed head
And leave Mother Nature to have her own say
And end my life in natural sort of way.

The grass of England kept on sprouting green
And Anne's daughter Lizzie lived on to be Queen
And King Henry who tried to shape destiny
Could still not alter what was meant to be.

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