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Anne Gallen

Sean Gallen and family and Anne his good wife
In Millstreet Town spent many years of their life
As proprietors of the Bush Bar at the West End they were well liked and well known
In fact one can say of them they became Millstreet's own

In the Bush Bar at the weekend then there was music, dancing, laughter and song
A social gathering place of locals where happiness did belong
Till the Gallens left Millstreet for to live elsewhere
And for to try out their luck in the big World out there

Since the Gallens lived in Millstreet many changes since then
And the young children at that time now young women and men
And the people of the eighties in their life's prime
Are visibly nowadays showing the wear of time

The beautiful Anne Gallen the Bush Bar hostess on Friday and Saturday night
She always seemed happy and bubbly and bright
And though in Millstreet never for to be seen again
In all who knew her fond memories of her will remain

We can only retain the memories of the what used to be
Of the people we knew never more for to see
In my mind's eyes the Bush Bar dancers again take the floor
And at the last dance call out for an encore

It is sad to learn that Anne Gallen in her sixty ninth year from life has passed away
In Luton in England she lived her last night and day
So many in Millstreet see her as a friend
But life's journey for all of us does have an end

Her leaving of Millstreet became Luton's gain
And in all who knew her good memories of her will remain
One can only hope that her parting from life was a painless release
The beautiful Anne Gallen she now is at peace

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