Anne's Fairy Wishes

Poem By Folayemi Akande

From what mortal womb are you conceived?

Never have I seen a man in loveliness of your kind.

Not even from the birth of the sun
Have I heard of such sweet stories told.

You have veinous thighs strong as the horse.

Your skin's tears are sultry as the summer rain

Your emerald eyes disgraces life's natural blend.

I have seen more earthly men
But you graze your looks more glamorously.

You personify God, for you magnify His work everestly.

O bless me, bless me beautiful man;

That my beauty may put on weight.

For better part of it, is lavished by time.

O sad, so sad, time will not yield, to my seduceous winks,
for every wink is a wrink.

Save me, save me, prince of men save me.

The power to withold my aging days is beyond my reach.

If i could make beauty of roses
My pride would be more securely wise.

And this pleading hour, perhaps may be otherwise.

Make my beauty more eternal than of mother Mary.

For I am mostly coveteous of her heavenly gift.

Make me naive and maybe later wise.

Such sweet things spells my mind adrift.

Make me drink from your winery cup of lies.

Let's lavish time as if we have no use for it

This blooming desires do young lovers grow.

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