Today I Smile

Today I see no reason for crying
Even though i feel like a skater
On a thin ice line
I’m keep my head up
And continue to smile

Because this morning i awoke with happiness inside
Feels good to still breathe
Thank god I’m alive
Today I smile...
Cause even though i receive minimal
With love I’m not deprived

And i can smile
Cause sometimes love causes you pain
But that what keeps us sane
It’s the balance to this game

With no reason to complain
For I just realized
It increases the pain
So if I smile
Things will change

So I’m wiping my eyes
Just for today
If it’s the last thing I do
I’m going to smile

by Jody Britoe

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This is charming Margery. 'Cultured bygone elegance'. What a perfect description of your pretty bourgeois town. Your piece captures the essence of this ancient Japanese form very well indeed. love, Allie xxxx