(8 June 1920 – 4 December 1995 / Taringa, Queensland)


So the light falls, and so it fell
on branched leaved with flocking birds.
Loght stole a citys weight to swell
the coloured lofe of stone. Your words
hung weightless in my ear: Remember me.

All words except those words were drowned
in the fresh babbling rush of spring.
In summer's dream-filled light one sound
echoed through all the whispering
galleries of green: Remember me.

Rods of light point home the flocking
starlings to wintry trees, and turn
stone into golden ochre, locking
the orbit of my pain. I learn
the weight of light and stone. Remember me.

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i wish i cold see you and met you so i could question like what happen in your childhood and i hope god will take care of you
I learn the weight of light and stone. Remember me. and remember me
Very well written.Thanks for sharing.
So it fell with the muse of life. Nice work.
Repetition of 'Remember Me'...by use it's unique. A nice poem with experimentally used words by it's unheard sounds translated by poets own tongue. 'Branched leaved' or 'Loght'....otherwise can't make any sense.