Today I have a busy day
Funny how it happens that way
It's always good to be distracted
From dates that have become impacted

Still I wake and know it's that day
I wonder if you wanting to call & say
As you have done tactlessly in the past
I'd like to answer you, I have moved on at last

by Tia Maria

Comments (6)

Great read Tia, melancholy but true, if love is gone - it's best to move on. *10*! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad
A good powerful write Tia, its good that you have moved on, but not forgetting what once was, 10 Lynda xx
Lovely Tia - although you have moved on it's good that you would want to keep contact with someone you once were close to.... lots remain friends, but if you weren't able to do that - here's a hug from a faraway friend along with a ten.... xx from Fay.
Happy times ahead for you 10 Chris
some guys never know, how blessed they are, I do... Andy xx: -)
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