ALI (6-19-92 / fairfield)


There is a voice buzzing in my ear
No I am not crazy though sometimes I wish to be
Its loud and constant it’s low and eternal

It won’t leave me alone

I have tried everything to get rid of this voice
I have failed every time
My head hurts my eyes are heavy

This voice it won’t leave me alone

It drives me to my anger breaking every seal
It’s pushing me past my point please oh please get rid of it
Dear brother dear sister somebody
Take this annoyance away from me

The voice won’t leave me alone

It’s annoying its loud its giving me a headache
It’s driving me to my point of insanity
Someone just take it away from me please

My anger is so close from breaking free this poem
These letters are not enough to describe how annoying this voice is
Just let him leave please

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