Annual Review

Poem By Robert Sheridan

In effect, the same as
smacking-the-tar out
of your dog a year later
for having pooped on
the carpet – come hell,
or high-water...
And as-far-as your boss
is concerned, you just
fell out of the stupid
tree if you think he’s
going to give you more
than five percent...
And even though you’ve
proven time-and-time
again you’re a success,
they still view you as
being at-the-bottom
of the corporate structure...
So, what’ya do, you start
looking for another job
where they will also rob
from the poor and give to
the rich – and it’s a ‘round
and a ‘round we go...
Someday you’ll stop, as-to
when, only retirement knows,
and then you’ll be looking for
part-time employment to help
supplement your so-called
pension, oh well...!


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