Ano Hitto

Clang of chains and chains of names
The forge filled fast of all
Cast in brass and silver and seldom of gold
For honors bound and secrets told
A link upon the foundry sink
a very link of old
Upon my brink, I find the sink, and find the purest gold
Ano hitto, the one it is, as I am it,
Ano Hitto is I
The twilight princess ventures abroad,
her silks purple as Hendrix’s haze
Through the foundry, on the chains of golden names, I, Ano Hitto, meet her gaze.
Hitherforth beckons the train of madness,
ringing its song of discord
A ticket of passage, my name, gold, can afford.
Two at the front, my Princess and I,
the chains of the foundry intertwining our names, our fates.
The whispers the twilight princess flickered along the rails of strife.
The driving chains, binding chains of gold to whom she consigns her life.
Ano Hitto

Screech of brakes and wails of sirens,
the cosmic breech fast entangles
The chains cheaply wrought of bronze are for naught,
for nothingness, her breath coldly mangles.
The chains lovingly cast of silver, needn’t cast their sheen,
for spewn back from voidmother’s womb, ye care not where its been.
The chains of old, the chains of gold,
the chain Ano Hitto.
The chains cascade a bridge over nowhere, brightness of the new world.

Ended the terror of the maddened train,
the bridge of gold, the sunshine Ano Hitto casts rebirth in his tide,
yet what he sees lacks the breeze, of gentle mother night.
The twilight princess lays, encircled with purplest haze
At the side of her husband the sun,
Ano Hitto and the lover moon,
progenitors of the new world,

by Andrew Raines

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