TTO ( / Washington State)


She was a medley of synonyms
A jumble of sheer contradiction
Confusing her legions of readers
So busy, trying to paint her world of fiction;

Her perfect puncuation life relied on it
A vocabulary brilliantly used
Though conspicuous lags over the years called out
She would never go anywhere without her shoes;

No expose's of her darker side...
Of her days spent in a 9 by 5 cell
No hint of her dirty laundry
Hung out to dry, in her self made Hell;

No hint of her past actions or consequences
Self-hidden, her malicious greed-filled side
Bought and sold to the Devil long ago
Today, it makes for, a most bumpy ride;

Her eloquent books win raves
Shown in accolade banners 'cross the sky
But insiders know her real world of BAD
Including her dependency and must stay high;

Up and down-her emotions, roller coasters
Her internal organs are slowly being destroyed
Contradicting the substance abuse with a healthy diet
For drowning out reality-alcohol is also applied;

So, it's down and dirty Ms. Scorched White...
Burned by unrequited sexual tension and greed
Perhaps, one of his old pornographic movies, Shifty Sue
Perhaps, Yes, perhaps, thats all that you need! ;

Dedicated to: Ms. Charcoal-Shifty Sue
And Her Purple People Eater Love

By: Theodora Onken

March 30,2012

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