SQ (19/02/95 / San Fernendo)


No one knows my troubles,
No one knows my pain,
Some know my life's double,
But no one sees me in the rain,

I act mean,
And everyone thinks I don't care,
But deep down inside of me,
My real personality is still there,

Whoever I reveal the true me to always betray,
They think because I'm soft they can have their way,
But before they try to take advantage of me,
I cover up with a false personality,

I'm sympathetic to no one,
To no one I show care,
I ignore nice people,
And act as if they aren't there,

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ahhh such a lovely poem....picturin one's inner face.............plsnt and poignant write..........guess most of us do act like said in your poem.....10++++++++++++++++ sebastine