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Anonymous Internet Trollers

These internet anonymous negativecommenters who post their comments
under a false name
Are not worthy of recognition though they do crave fame
By their very anonymity they choose to deny
Thepeople they verbally attack the right of reply
They hide behind their anonymity in their most negative way
When the courage of their convictions they fail to display
By simply putting their name to their words they would have authenticity on their side
By using a false name they show they have something to hide
Any respect to internet trollers does seem hard to show
In self esteem these people are rather low
Their identity from their victims they choose to disguise
Which to the worth of their comments surely to does give rise
Behind their nom de plumes from criticisms they hide
These cruel minded people who lack in honor and pride.

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Comments (1)

That was giving those destructive waste-of-breaths! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Good for you! PH has in the past kicked these twirps off and their comments too. For some reason they leave their filth and nastiness on and thereby lose the reputation of being a serious literature-loving and respectful haven for those working on their skills. I say Bravo ans a zillion stars for this protest poem! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++