JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)

Anonymous Tides

On this table I lean as I write,
The stories I have lived full of lies,
Describing everything around me as jolly,
And having things I have always wanted.
A normal room with papers hanging on the walls,
Gifts sitting on all my tables with stories untold,
An unfamiliar rumbling sound from the outside,
But nothing to make me want to find out,
As these pages don’t seem to fill themselves,
Costing me so much time from my life,
As nothing interesting happens to me,
Just a normal man in his issues and no worries,
But then the windows all shattered and darkness came,
As across the floors water began to drain,
Filling up the emptiness I felt all around,
I look down at the empty sheet and think,
As in the darkness I begin to sink,
Only letting me write one phrase
As it quickly gains level as I sit here,
“Goodbye my dear.”

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