You're with me everywhere that I go
You tell me you’re my friend
You slowly kill me everyday
But I try to pretend

That you are here to help me
You’ll bring me friends and fame
If you gain full control,
A grave will bear my name

I'm a puppet on a string
And you, the puppeteer
You control my every move
You fill my soul with fear

Each day as you get stronger
You leave no time for friends
You tell me I must exercise−
The torture never ends

My mind is like a dust storm
I can't think when you’re so strong
And when I try to fight you
You tell me that I'm wrong

To think that you will leave me
You say you’ll never go
I don't need you to live
And I want you to know

You tell me I'm superior
Because I am now thin
But what you never told me
Is what matters lies within

With help from all my loved ones
I’ve learned that it is true
They love me for the Payyton inside
And so I don't need you

Anorexia, you’re worthless
And I just want you to know
That I'm ready to recover
Ready to let you go

by Payyton Egerstaffer

Comments (3)

this is grea.t awesome ending.
thiws is good poetry my dear friend........ good job kicking it to the curb.
exellent job, Payyton! ! excellent! wonderful write, easy flow and a happy ending to a sad story. great job! ! !