PE (May 27 / Fort Polk, Louisiana)

Anorexia, She Is

She is around every corner, beneath every sheet
Telling you you're worthless, you're too fat to eat.
She is every scream, every tear;
She is the reason behind every unjustified fear;

She is every illusion, because to them she's not there
Suffocating, merciless, she becomes your air.
She is every stolen laugh, stolen kiss;
She is the shattered remnants of all that you miss.

She is every bone; oh I love you to the bones
Protruding so gracefully, like emaciation set in stone.
She is every right, every wrong;
She is the only company you've known for so long.

She is every name that you cry out in sleep
Quietly, elegantly her thin face will creep.
She is every step, every thought;
She is the reason your body will rot.

She is everywhere, you can never escape
You lose control, your sanity, she rapes.
She is me, she is you, and
She is controlling everything that you do

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very good: D
I've never suffered from anorexia, but I love how you grasp the all-encompassing nature. Great piece.