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Another Awful Day At Work

Your boss is very arrogant some bosses are that way
Another awful day at work you've had a rotten day
You've seriously thought of quitting and handing notice in
Sometimes life can be trying you lose before you win
With a lovely baby daughter and a beautiful young wife
You do feel you are lucky at least in your home life
And despite the arrogant boss you work for and despite the average pay
You have a wife and daughter to provide for so in your job you will stay
Your boss does have poor people skills and is arrogant as well
And you often feel like quitting the job and telling him to go to hell
But any job is far better than welfare of that you are aware
And in an economic depression any sort of job is scarce and good bosses are becoming rare
Your boss is very arrogant and the pay is ordinary
But any job better than welfare as welfare leads to poverty.

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