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Another Bit Of Cheese
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Another Bit Of Cheese

Poem By H.i Chesebit

How some do blow
hoping to conjure a storm
wicked tongue wagging
continually flagging
the same tired rants
droning snake charmer's chants
So much fine fruit
grows on these poetic trees
only fools choose the bitter
The wise have learned
that useless bluster will pass
Choosing not to engage
the sage turn the page

Where you seek to create cyclones
all your words and your works
do not even amount
to a harmless breeze
You think your rant a torrent
yet your piffling driblets
are merely polluted droplets
completely insignificant
amongst majestic seas

While cozy and warm
we ignore the faux storm
With a fireside read
life is cheery indeed
Other writers offer poetic vintage
instead of the bitter vinegar you muster
So we will savor their fine wine
while you continue to bluster
We will pass your stuff by
as we enjoy
some others quite delightful
poetic bit of Cheese

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Comments (1)

Me thinks you will soon have some whine to go with your cheese. I lift my glass in a toast to you and thank you for a laugh.