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Another Chance
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Another Chance

I can recall nothing at all.
My mind is like a pristine page,
it’s rather sad but comical
I do not know my name or age.

I am aware that I’m a man.
I recognise the common things
I try to recall what I can
and each new day some fresh fact brings.

I think that I must have a wife
because I wear a wedding ring.
Some fog blots out my former life.
I can’t remember anything.

Perhaps I have a family
I wrack my brains but all in vain.
It seems no one is missing me.
My doctors say I may regain

My memory in increments.
This does not really comfort me
I don’t believe in such portents.
Between themselves they can’t agree.

I think my loss is permanent
Perhaps this is a second chance
to start afresh by accident.
As in some story book romance.

My tally sheet has been wiped clean.
I have no baggage from my past
I don’t know what I might have been.
I only know that time has passed.

Since I was who I used to be
I have become a different man
I will have to wait and see
and do the very best I can.

To make a success of my life
A golden opportunity.
I have maybe escaped from strife
what I become is up to me.

This cause me no great distress
I have grown used to being me.
The me I am now I must stress
not the me I used to be.

The man I was does not exist
he vanished with my memory.
Although some memories persist
I can choose who I want to be.


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Ivor, i once read a bevy of poetry about senior memory loss in a class that linked poetry with psychology, and not one of them captured the spirit of senility/ Alzheimer's as well as this one does. The whole idea of a blank slate offers a sort of redemption, lending some hope to a largely despairing situation. BTW- well crafted, too. Nice work.
Very nice Ivor, it reminds me of that diease ahhhh, , , , , umm, , , , al, , , , alm, , , no, well you know the one, , , , lol Thanks for shareing this one with us, very nice write 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison
Great story Ivor! I can't remember some things sometime; but i'll remember you! Thad -(a 10) ! !