Thoughts Of You As I Drift Off

As I finally lay down for awhile
on this early morning thoughts of you
will be filling my head as I am drifting.
I will be sending you the sweetest of kisses
with millions of smiles,
the biggest hugs with all of
my warmth and strength to give you peace
and to brighten your day.
I will be thinking of you and wearing
a smile too as I feel all of your love
surround and fill me as well.
I love you sweet girl I always will
and thoughts of beautiful you
will fill my heart and head
wishing you were here wrapped in my arms
as I drift off to sleep here in my bed.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (4)

yes i do want paths...the untrodden ones are the best...explore little girl but be prepared to gracefully accept the concequences...they teach great err is human...and to rise from it needs a strong heart and mind...have fun with
It shows that you are somehow a revolutionary or radicalism teenagers, as what I am some years ago.
i like the poem, i think its better than the others and your very good at using imagery, it still seems a bit disjointed though, if u know what i mean.
old life is over and the new one begins Been here before and now again this could flourish or wilt and die Better take the chance jump into new life in this poem - I would like to shed my deep feeling on imagery you used here