Another Chapter

The clock strikes twilight in the chapel.
She lies on the floor with outstretched hands
weeping in silence, in pain
the pain of leaving this place
her home of five joyous blessed years.

She closes her eyes...
listening to the Lord's voice in her heart.

'Shalom, my daughter
I love you so much
but I know deep within you
you want to be with him
you want to share your life with him.'

'In a special corner in your heart
let me in, let me love you more
I am always with you 'till the end
I will never leave you
my peace be with you! '

The nuns start to pray and sing
glorious songs of Hallelujah to the Lord.

One by one she hands over
the veil, her habit
for five years
her symbol, her vow to serve Him faithfully.

At the choir loft children sing with tight voices
she knows there are tears, she knows
she can't contain her emotions anymore.
She cries and cries
as they sing, 'farewell dear sister, farewell'.

Passing by the corridor she sees
lovely flowers bursting blooms
gifts wrapped in ribbons of love
books touched by their smiles
and one smudged by a teardrop
neatly arranged on her working table
this, another heart warming episode.
She cannot take it anymore.

Hurriedly she goes outside
the bright moonlight seems to light her way
another chapter of her life begins...

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Meggie, clear and loud! Maybe you were meant for the convent for just 5 years. what is important is, you continue to be HIS child and servant even if you chose to be with the love of your life. VERY NICE POEM
'At the choir loft children sing with tight voices'.. and that is what I felt, dear throat tightened with emotion...this is truly an inspired piece....surely one of the most difficult for you to share....not an easy choice...but one i'm sure God has decided for you after much soul-searching on your part....thank you so much for sharing this wonderful intimate confession....and you continue to serve Him the best way you can as I know you are......
A beautiful story Meggie, so moving and so well portrayed. Excellent writing, and such a sheer pleasure to read. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Some of life's decisions are difficult to take, but one has to take them. A profound and moving piece.
This a is a wonderfully emotional and moving piece, Meggie. There are many ways to serve the Lord and often hard decisions to make.Very often such decisions are filled with much sadness for that which is being left behind, but at the same time much joy for that which is ahead. I thoroughly enjoyed this write my friend. Indeed a 10++. My best wishes to you. Richard
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