Another Cheap Rhyme

I met her on a rail replacement bus
a funny way to start
She said something funny
I said something smart

The seats weren't very comfy
infact they were rather hard
but she smiled at me warmly
and gave me her business card

And so I met her once more
this time on the train
she wasn't like the others
boring, busy and plain

We both got off at Croydon
I asked which way she'd go
She said 'my place, you wanna? '
How could I say no?

And then we hailed a taxi
the journey wasn't long
she slipped her hand into mine
my heart went into song

We pulled up outside her place
'£10 please mate' I paid
the cabby drove off, cheers mate
tonight I'm getting laid

And up to her appartment
upon the second floor
she giggled as we undid
the lock on her front door

It all happened so quickly
yet I'd gladly stay for more
I lay inside her, grinning
we tumbled on the floor

An hour later I got dressed
she brought coffee in a mug
I sat there slurping slowly
feet perched upon the rug

Suddenly there was knocking
she undid the top bolt
a man stood there angry
she cried 'it wasn't my fault! '

He then came in and sternly
asked that I should leave
his brow was boiling furiously
fists shaking from their sleeves

'my daughter's not for picking,
no fallen apple here
now leave before I get angry
do I make myself quite clear? '

He quaked, if only I had known earlier
I'd have left her clean
for the girl I'd had, I later learnt
was only seventeen

So off I went, sad and sullen
out the flat and into the street
I couldn't see a taxi about
so I proceeded on my feet

And back to the station I lumbered
with a sigh running through my head
the train to Redhill wasn't running
so I got on the bus instead

So there I was back on the rail replacement
but from her now forever apart
now I need somebody to replace
the rails in my heart

by R.S. Evans

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