Another Dad Add

i used to know all that I had, until the day you stopped and made me laugh. No longer caring about the things in side you made me forget how to fight. It was nice to have you there, to have me no how much you cared I’ll never trust another word you’ll say but that’s the cost of loving you this way.
Thank you for everything you were, for not pushing me down those years. You were the one who could finally see how I could be so much more than me.
Do you know how much it hurts when I see your face? All the pain you bring back, and the feelings that never change? No pictures of me on your fridge only those of other people’s kids. When I call you’re not there, when I cry you’re not here. When I need you, you turn your head. You laugh at my problems and don’t answer my calls. But when you wanna talk I just forget all your flaws. Why is it that I do that? How can I just forget? What do I have to do to get rid of this?
when I’m with you my smile can’t be tamed. It grows with even the slightest mention in your name, I love you but I can’t live this way. I’ll miss you but here’s to hoping for change one day. I’ve always been a good kid, listening when they talk. But when I’m tired of being me I still need help to walk.
Theres an empty hole that you used to fill. Five years ago my life changed and it’s there still. I’ve tried to tell you what your love meant and then you promised to change. You havent’ changed yet. Were you trying to toughen me up? Were you trying to leave me alone? How could you do that to me, break up my broken home?

by Desiree Whitamore

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