AW (A Long while ago / England)

Another Day

Have you ever watched a day?
I mean really absorbed it
As it begins in silent blue
Drifts to the first shafts of light
That wakes the birds anew
Light gently overtakes
It does not invade, or consume
Feverously the migration
Of humans begins
Burnt toast, ill thought out
Words, rush, rush, rush
An hour of frantic
robotic mindless movement
Mask readjusted, smile practised
‘Morning, How are you? ’
Scarce waiting the reply
Our daily bread we seek.
Then, in the garden
A sudden hush, reassures
As nature reasserts
The birds receive their crust
Picking, and pecking
They choose their straws
And fly home unfettered
Others swoop and dive
Playing or learning
They enjoy their freedom
They chase the day along
Highest sun behold shadows change
Human sounds invade
Mouths to feed, places to go
Appointments made, tasks to fulfil
Routine overtakes, no time for play
Or restoration, such foolish things
Would destroy our schedule
The tort hour seldom assists
Our search for peace
Swept along, half-eaten lunches
The birds will consume
Discarded in haste, received
And gleaned, no waste
The second stage awaits
If only we can get through
Freedom, mock freedom
Only hours away, the clock
Ticks away our life
Stillness for awhileIn stillness the birds rest
In their blessed, restoration
Trees stretching in the sun
grow to be silent, tranquil
harmony in mid afternoon
broken only by the echoes
of distant school children
playing, laughing, alive
the chorus of life reconciled
in this quarter of the day
Shadows begin to lengthen
Twilight consumed by darkness
Then Thunderous evacuations
From office and workplace spill
What thinks the sparrow
Of this unholy shrill
As they dart and dash for cover
Exploding, the car doors slam
arguments rising, horns blaring
in search for peace, such noise
as if the avenging angel
was soon to arrive,
due, in an hour or less,
we must get home, we must…
The idle call of the wood pigeon
Mocks this unhealthy haste
Home to our nests
Curtains drawn, world contained
The twentieth hour and sounds
Of the musing birds drowned
Out by the noise of peace
Hypnotised by picture box
Will wonders never cease?
Birdsong hushed, silence
Alarm clock set, the day filed
Spent, finished, forgotten
Mankind restless sleeps
Nature breathes a sigh
Another day ends
Another day awaits.

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