Another Day

I woke today from fitful sleep,
In dreams, confusion reigns,
Looked from my window to the street,
It was a dismal day.

The sky was dark, with heavy clouds,
And beneath those clouds, the sun,
Was rising up to meet the day,
Just, as I had done.

The kettle filled, my coffee cup,
Was there for me to drink,
I pour the milk, oh no, it’s off,
I pour it down the sink.

I have it black, not to my taste,
But yes, it does the trick,
If I’m to get to work on time,
It’s best that I make haste.

I brush my teeth, and then the shower,
Becomes my waterfall,
I’m somewhere in the tropics now,
So far away, from home.

I dress and lift my bag and keys,
And make way for the door,
I pull my scarf around my head,
To shield me from the cold.

Arrive at work, and very soon,
I’m ready for the day,
What problems will they find for me,
To make me, earn my pay.

As lunchtime comes, the clear blue sky,
With clouds akin to lace,
Will beckon me to icy paths,
The sun; warm on my face.

Late afternoon, the sun goes down,
The sky a burning red,
The evening passes in a flash,
And now it’s time for bed.

by Linda Harnett

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I like this poem because you share an experience conveyed in verse.