AC (08-13-1984 / Santa Claria, California)

Another Day

Another day
I sit here and wait
I sit here and cry
I sit here and die
But the hope I have keeps me alive
Alive so I can live another day
Alive so I can live for her
To show me the way
I live another day
Today is just another day
Full of heartache
Full of pain
Makes me want to take my self away
But than again
I think about another day
And maybe she will take me back
Maybe she will take my name
That hope keeps me alive
That hope keeps me from death
Even tho everyday I die a lil more
Everyday I cry a lil more
Is another day I love her more
I sit back and ask why
To tell my self
She is my life
That I need to sit and wait
That another day will come
Another day she will be mine
Mine for all eternity
Because I will forever love her dearly
Forever hold her high
Forever in my heart even till the day after I die

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now you got me crying here! you're an awesome poet anthony! keep on writing!