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Another Day
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Another Day

Another day,
Living just a past time,
Trying to grasp hold,
But everything just slips away.
Collisions of bad situations,
Defamation of character,
Inflation of price,
Total disregard for life,
Confused youths hooked on violence,
So parents suffer in silence.
Just another day,
Some live pay by pay,
Others disregard tomorrow,
Success complicated by others,
But rationed out,
Disparities in wealth,
Political corruption,
They are infatuated by themselves,
No concern for another’s cry,
A world overpopulated with lies.
the definition of truth lost,
Case by case,
No equality in the courts,
Just another day,
A child cries,
Sunrise and sunset,
Beggars beg and the world never changes,
In a world of excess there is not enough.
So just another day,
Where the school boys play,
The daughters are groomed,
Parents unknown,
Crime on the prowl,
Death illustrates his significance and time walks away,
It is just another day.

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A nice poem it is. Described many things. Love it with 10+