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Another Day...

Today she wakes up
hair in disarray
sad eyes looking out the window
from her bed

The kittens run around her
like errant children
wanting her to play
she looks away

it's just another day...

by Debra A.G. Hawley

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its always other day
It has merit, definitely. The image is strong for so few words. Well done.
Debra, I feel this way often. I have no kitty-cats, however, my hair is ALWAYS in disarray. Furthermore, now that C.T. is gone from Poetry.com, what in the world is there worth getting up for? ? ? LOTS OF THINGS! You will find them all if only you'd just get online and write more of your beautiful poetry. I have redone one of my favorite poems, Sharpened Stones. It is here on Poethunter. I'd love your comment. I know you are busy, planning a trip back to Jersey, but how long could it take to post a comment? Now get up and SMILE all day! Love ya, Barb
Being an olde worlde pussy person, this poem is worth 10
Well, the beginning of the day is sad... It is much bettre to wake up and to think: 'Thank, God, for the new day. It will be very reasonable day, I promise You! ' Best wishes.