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Another Day At Spinoza High School
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Another Day At Spinoza High School

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

Matters went from
bad to worse
at Spinoza High School
turning the place into
a veritable cauldron of confusion.
Murry Vos was pushed
down a flight of stairs
the man represented
twenty years of experience
both legs broken
out for the term
culprit never caught.
Henrietta Saxe
finally achieved her goal of becoming
a porno star,
moved to Hollywood,
and changed her name to Darling
thus the Drama Department
suddenly found itself without a teacher.
Then, without warning,
the mouse population
exploded. Marie Simonpoetri,
who taught biology, said the warm moist summer
caused it all. In any case,
they were bold little critters,
sniffing pant legs
and marching across desks
while class chugged on
immersed in joy
as tiny mouse feet
turned boredom
into Pandemonium.
Attempting a bit of creativity
I set bowls of Gerbil food
in the right front corner
of the room for
No good. Apparently this particular
species had been created with
a sweet tooth
and searched student’s back packs for
chocolate chip cookies,
Little Debbie Cakes
and other sundry bits of
concentrated sugar.
I suggested to my students
to leave such tidbits home
“Not coming to school Bernstein, ”
said Larry Fiddle.
Others threw papers
slung paper clips
in unison
whipped out their goodies
munching loudly.

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the first half of this could almost be an extract from cannery row
Lovin' this one too, naturally.