Another Day Fades

Poem By Terry Biscamp

And he stood in the meadow,
Staring out..
As rain fell,
From the infinite sky.

Her name on his lips,
For the last time..

The last time.

Removing her,
From his heart,
His thoughts.
His being.
A part of himself,
That had once
Been so alive.

In a lonely room,
Her voice breaks..
Tears escape,
While she whispers

And thunder
Rattles the windows,
As her heart breaks,
Yet again.
For the last time..
The last time.

Delivering each of them,
To nights spent alone.
Laying awake..
Staring into the darkness,
And wondering..
Why they deny themselves
A life they each deserve.

In their world,
The moon still shines beautifully,
In a luminous sky.
They gasp for breath..
In a bitter life.
Stone cold

By what could have been,
Should have been.
As solitude swallows them whole.
And another day fades...

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Truly well written. kudos!

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