Another Day Today

I saw her by the bus stop
and she glanced my way
she gave me such a pretty smile
it took my breath away
I knew I couldn't say hello
the struggle what to do
I'd never know what you were like
a stranger passing through

Do you ever think of me
as I have thought of you
wonder what sights we'd have seen
if we had stopped to view
crazy how the little things
and chances slip away
another one, another life
another day today.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (6)

Ah, the sad hands of fate and lack of will, together... That feeling you describe to me is like the inverse of deja' vu... it grips you so that you never forget.
Another magnificent poem filled with lifes breif incounters that seem to mean so much.A real heartstring puller and another great piece of work from you Charles.Love Duncan
Poignant and beautiful. Reminds me a little of the song 'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? ' Hugs Anna xxx
How many chances do we miss by being afraid to just speak? I think we can all identify with the feeling. The only things we regret in life are the chances we didn't take. Great poem, Charlie, as always.......... Linda
thank you, you made me smile, with this poem
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