Another Day Without You

Poem By Emily Angel

To think how far
You are from me
Pains my heart like
Nothing else in this world.

Each moment without you is like
Ice in my vein.
Each thought about you is like
Fire in my brain.

If ever love had but
A synonym to name
It would be your name
And your name alone.

Why fate separate us,
I know not
But I live with the hope
Of meeting you someday.

That day so glorious
When we become one
And one forever
To have and to hold.

To love and to live
And never leave each other
To share joy, sorrow
And every best of moments.

Oh! How I love you
My days and nights are sunk
In despair without your love

To think of it,
Another day without you
Is terrible as death itself

You’re the most beautiful
Of all things that my eyes
Ever beheld &will behold.

Comments about Another Day Without You

awesome.. every words that you choose seems have own breath and life very beautiful poem though looks tragic
WOW....YOU MUST LOVE HIM VERY MUCH TO HAVE CAME UP WITH A POEM SO GOOD AS THIS-you are an amazing poet and an amazing young girl
Beautiful! Beautiful writing. Please, keep sharing your fantastic work. Another ten out of ten. Splendidly done, my friend.
A very impressive and romantic, well penned and poignant poem that clearly shows your great talent in the Poetry World! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your great writes! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...

5,0 out of 5
3 total ratings

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