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Another Despot Is In Prison

Another despot is in prison where of time he will spend a lengthy span
Under his watch his soldiers murdered many people he is just another disgraced man
Far too many Presidents have abused power because of them many have died in the foulest way
Many looked on as heroes by the masses are in prison for crimes against humanity today
All of those who dared oppose them with their lives were made to pay
But what goes around always comes around as the wise are known to say
If the law does not catch up with them Karma will pay them a call
Karma does not fear anybody Karma as always is for all
Few despots who have escaped execution or life in prison have died in a natural peaceful way
They have died in agony like their poor victims who in their thousands in mass graves lay
If the law for whatever reason does not punish them for their crime
Karma will cause them to suffer to Karma they must serve their time
If you cause others to suffer suffering will become your due
The bad things you do to others in bad Karma will return to you.

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