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Another Federal Election Is Looming
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

Another Federal Election Is Looming

Another Federal Election is looming and this time who will be empowered
Will the Australian people retain the right wing Government that is led by the guileful John Howard
Or opt for Labor led by fiery Mark Latham one who to self destruct is inclined
At times he does seem to get into trouble by in public speaking his mind.

Whoever will win the election will not be of importance to me
Or to the thousands of Australian battlers who struggle to keep from poverty
Governments led by Howard or Latham will represent the middle class to wealthy people and if you are not a millionaire
Of who wins the Federal Election I really don't think you should care.

The social gap it keeps on widening and things have not changed much in time
And to be seen to be poor is still seen as your own fault as if to be poor is a crime
And the wealthy they seem to get wealthier and more financially and asset secure
And whoever wins the next election will not work for the good of the poor.

Another Federal Election is looming and 'tis only a few months away
When Howard will go to the Governor General for to name the Election Day
But to some who wins or loses will not matter for they will not stand for to gain
For when all of the votes have been counted the poor as the poor will remain.

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