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Another Football Season Down At The Local Pub

Another Football Season down at the local pub
The footy fans discuss the fortunes of their favorite football club
Who will be premiers in September on football's biggest day
The winners always grinners and have the last hooray
Whilst enjoying their beer they talk about the weekend games and their favorite football player
Their club colors on their scarves and beanies and their jackets they do wear
Some disappointed at the weekend that their football team was beat
But in sports as in all things for one to win one must know of defeat
Every loss for their footy club their spirits do deflate
But next weekend they may be winners and they will celebrate
Without football at the weekend how sad would be their lives
Their football clubs to them as important as their families, girlfriends or their wives
At this time of year at the local pub the talk mostly of football
Where the highlights of the weekend games the footy fans recall.

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