Another Girl Robbed Of Her Esteem (When Will The Nightmare End?)

The demon takes shelter in her fear.
It awakens just prior to her slumber,
takes a hatchet to her insides,
and leaves her vulnerable in the night!

by Michael Fischer Click to read full poem

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I wonder if it's stranger that a man doesn't wear lipstick than that a woman does?
Fierce write and suburb imagery!
Glamour and fashion girls as well as men shown in TV, commercials and in fashion magazines set unrealistic standard for common people and they feel frustrated when they find that they are not measuring to the standard. It creates fear in them and kill their spirit.It is the price of modern life that we are suffering.
Inside and outside; but, faced with the muse of life. Nice work.
Such truth expressed here. Not just Cosmo, but other magazines and ads on TV, etc. Well done!
....most incredible, congratulationson on member poem... cosmo cares only to sale magazines ★
Great poem...Modern living has its own side effects and often the need to conform is more important than anything else.
It reminds me of exorcist movie we are all familiar with!
Wow! I can see you’re a passionate person. Drivel like Cosmo isn’t as bad rape (I will at least concede Cosmo that) but I do agree with your sentiment.
Very sad a beautiful person feels so low after reading something like Cosmo or other magazines where they feel they just don't measure up after seeing all those models. Seems this low self-esteem has been going on for years. In my day you had 'Twiggy' to compete with. I can remember fainting from starving myself to be so thin. Not healthy at all to do. Anyway, good writing on this subject. Sincerely, Connie Webb
The real culprit is the limited world view brought on by reading the insipid drivel of Cosmo. This is effective as a humorous look at a serious issue, but everyone is vulnerable to that demon. With all that's available to us in the modern world, we should never limit ourselves, or get talked into feeling mediocre based on superficialities. Another deceptively deep work.
Very true and that's the sad part. Girls only believe they are beautiful if they look like the fake models and glamorous movie stars...This by far my favorite! You have a talent never give up or give in! Tonz of Love, Brittany
I find this more powerful than I expected, given the apparent levity of the exclamatin marks. Strong and with an important message; finely penned, I feel. t x