C (October 1991 / New York)

Another Girl

I was sitting on the bus
The other day
Looking for you,
Hoping you weren't going to be late

I scanned the crowd,
Then looked by the stairs
I saw you with a girl,
But why would I care?

So she's a girl,
She's probably a friend
If only I had known
What would happen in the end

You lean in to kiss her
I can't believe my eyes
I should have known better
But what a surprise.

I think to myself,
So this is how it feels, a heart break
When you get on I act normal,
Today that's called fake.

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wow. ive known some incidences where that happend or something like that. and its y i hated love for awhile but then i saw the goodness in it and im fallin in love. I known u can get back on ur feet to. ull find the right guy but hes not gonna be the first guy. stay strong and im here if u need any 1 to talk to. ill pray for u cuz i know how bad it can hurt.
This is so pretty, but so sad! ! ! !