Another Good-Bye

But she walked away and you’re thinking why
When the world is such an awesome place if only she were in it
She gave no reasons, told you no plans
There’s no phone number and all lead you have, have died

You think.
Its like she’s just disappear and never wants to be found
Nothings adding up when there’s nothing adding up
But you’re still in love and how she’s gone
What can you do.... the only painful answer is nothing
For the one and only time

There will no time for throwing a lifeline
No 2nd chance at life
Walking into tomorrow with nothing left
You have only to say good-bye.

This is the last time
You put you life out on the line
Last time you trust a girl
First time you will never cry
Coz she’s gone and now so are you
You will not go on.

by Abbe Martin

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